How would you rank the Arcs?

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2021.10.18 02:15 Dogeifyy How would you rank the Arcs?

Now that the Ilblu arc is finished, how would you rank the story arcs? Here is my ranking:
1: Ido Front 2: Ganja 3: Poison and Soul Liberation 4: Seeker Camp 5: The Great Fault (Anime version) 6: Orth 7: Descent to the Abyss 8: Ilblu (Ruined the manga for me)
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2021.10.18 02:15 JFpastasauce You can make a fork disappear after being stabbed by it

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2021.10.18 02:15 rickk79 A Florida school says students who get vaxxed must stay home for 30 days due to unfounded claim that they'll infect others

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2021.10.18 02:15 singular_woof [SELL] [US] Size 4-6 purge, shipping included, details in comments! Open to offers.

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2021.10.18 02:15 Ltimh Major League Baseball to require teams to provide housing for minor league players starting in 2022, sources say

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2021.10.18 02:15 samarm132 North way bad, Sweet den good

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2021.10.18 02:15 Juanit_o Ol’ girl cleans up well

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2021.10.18 02:15 EnvironmentalWeb7351 🐶 ShibaHarmony| | Real GEM 🚀 | Huge potential! | LAUNCH SOON🐶

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2021.10.18 02:15 ArnieAnime Slime

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2021.10.18 02:15 OptimisticNihilizm Do redditors DM each other? I’ve been here a year and I realized I’ve only spoken to 3 people. Do the majority stick to the hive mind comments like I do?

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2021.10.18 02:15 Needle_In_Hay_Stack Municipality filing a case on behalf of person who reported illegal activity

A business was operating without proper license that city required.
City's websites asks people to report any such illegal business.
A person reports that illegal business to city. Provides evidence. Agrees to testify if asked to appear in court.
City tells the reporting person that if they did not attend the court to testify, the case will be dropped.
City tells the reporting person that case will be filed on their behalf, NOT on city's behalf!!
Shouldn't such case be filed on behalf of the city, because it's city's licensing requirement that's being violated?
Also can that person who reported the illegal business become a target of any legal retribution by that business if city fails to prove the violation in the court? Even though it was municipality who investigated everything and the citizen just reported it as per city's request.
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2021.10.18 02:15 ChewyUno How to create features that have the potential to vary?

I have an experiment that I am running where I am trying to detect if a particular object passes in front of a sensor I have (that is the very high level description, the exact details might confuse things). I have a dataset where I have voltages from 12 sensors across time, and I have annotated them by hand from images I was also collecting and have a model that performs with 0.9 precision and recall with the validation set.

HOWEVER, I would like to then use this model in several devices (on the order of 100). The problem is that the sensitivity of these detectors are not 100% consistent, so if I have a model that says "if the voltage across sensor 1 is between X and Y, and sensor 2 between ...," that wont generalize because I can expect the voltages to be someone variable.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to have this problem. Do you know how it can be solved?
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2021.10.18 02:15 OptoSmash Chalice Inosuke Mail Call!

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2021.10.18 02:15 mrfunnyman69 [D] Best way to spend Operation Riptide Stars!

hello "investors"
here is a spreadsheet created by me that shows the best way to spend your operation stars
ps: it has some loading problems cuz of the many stickers :/ but enjoy tho XD
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2021.10.18 02:15 gingereno Not Jez Corden related, but if you're just getting into Pillars of Eternity in hype for Avowed, here's a podcast episode I made on the lore of the Dyrwood, which is the setting for the first Pillars game. Okay, thanks for reading, feel free to get back to the Jez content xD lol

Not Jez Corden related, but if you're just getting into Pillars of Eternity in hype for Avowed, here's a podcast episode I made on the lore of the Dyrwood, which is the setting for the first Pillars game. Okay, thanks for reading, feel free to get back to the Jez content xD lol submitted by gingereno to avowed [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 02:15 YeetThemToMtEbott [homemade] My mom’s famous SSS. (And some ice cream cake cause why not)

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2021.10.18 02:15 3linked Stolen Halloween Decor

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2021.10.18 02:15 telex_bot Szív Ernő: Az utolsó olvasó

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2021.10.18 02:15 readingHappiness 1974 10c The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (American Folklore Series) - Happy Halloween:)

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2021.10.18 02:15 Ghill01 A mansion built in 1911

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2021.10.18 02:15 ktoap7 Help for legitimate newby!

I have caught the cast iron bug! After wrecking the 6 year seasoning of a friends Dutch oven (there were almost tears) and not understanding the big deal, I bought my own lodge 10. Promptly screwed that one up following bad YouTube advice. Stripped pot and lid to metal and now have a great Dutch oven I use every few days.
The 10 inch is going great. Started with stripping then 3 trips to oven seasoned with Crisco shortening (please don’t let this all devolve into which oil’s better…I’ve learned quickly about you crazies).
Started (with the disasters) a little over a month ago. So I know what not to do, but need some troubleshooting help.
I bought a lodge 12 deep and stripped. First trip to the oven today and I followed same process as with 10 pot, lid and 12 lid, no issues with those. Just got it out after it cooled and I’ve got an orange hue almost evenly on all surfaces. It’s baked into seasoning so none coming off at all onto white cloth.
This is rust I’m sure, but how and why? I stripped the same way (light electrolysis+heavy elbow grease) washed same, dried same. Used crisco at same temps etc.
Do I need to strip again?
Please tell me no…
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2021.10.18 02:15 Techkid86 (Price Drop) - SAMSUNG M7 Series 32-Inch 4K UHD (3840x2160) Smart Monitor & Streaming TV (Tuner-Free), Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, & more, Apple Airplay, Bluetooth, Built-in Speakers, Remote Included (LS32AM702UNXZA) - Price: $344.99 You Save: $55.00 (14%)

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2021.10.18 02:15 TheNextBlGThing Liv Morgan and CJ Perry

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2021.10.18 02:15 snarkybeverlinspool Faint positive 8dpo?

I woke up at 3am super nauseous this morning and I’ve felt sick on and off today. I’m not supposed to get my period until Friday. I just got a faint positive on a First Response test. It’s definitely not an indent line. All of my other positive tests were negative this early. Trying not to get my hopes up. I’ve had 1 chemical and 2 miscarriages this year so I’m super nervous right now.
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