The Devils You Know

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2021.10.18 03:30 BluePotterExpress The Devils You Know

From this post on /WritingPrompts
Vaggoth sat in the rich velvet chair, eying up the human who had walked into the club.
Humans weren't uncommon in the first circle. They weren't exactly expected to walk around with the sort of confidence this human did, but Hell had enough trade with Earth that Vaggoth had seen more than his fair share of sad mortals trading away souls to even sadder devils. Vaggoth didn't trade humans for their souls; he'd never drift low enough for that. No, Vaggoth was in the business of soul relocation.
Daz'goz and Urlyx had already arrived; the former, goat-like creature with his many horns and bristling fur was over at the bar, pounding down shot after shot of bubbling toxic drinks. The latter had found his way to the secluded comforts that lay in the corners and back rooms of the club. Vaggoth couldn't see the incubus from his vantage in the VIP lounge up above the main dance floor of the club, but he'd seen Urlyx wrap his fingers around a few lesser devils earlier and could make an educated guess.
Down at the bar, Daz'goz had noticed the human: an aging man who looked to be desperately trying to hold onto his youth with obviously dyed hair and a weak attempt to hide his growing bald spot. The goat-devil stood and drained his last drink, shaking and letting out a belch of fire as he turned and stalked over to the human. There were two of the sad demons who would give away their independence for a single soul guarding the human, both barely red in their skin and with stunted horns. They'd spent far too much time out of Hell, Vaggoth knew. One tried to step into Daz'goz's path, but the true, proper devil backhanded the creature without a thought, spinning his head around and dropping the sad devil to the ground in a pile.
No one cared all too much, even if the human took a cautious step backward.
"Human's here," a voice called from the entrance of the VIP lounge. Vaggoth blinked and looked over, seeing the ageless, androgynous form of Omniel. The angel had fallen some thousand or so years ago, so their wings had gone black as a crow's and their halo shone with a dark, impossible light, but their divine heritage still made them seem beautiful in a wholly un-demonic way.
"I thought you said you were out of this gig," Vaggoth snarked back, shifting in his seat to stare down the angel.
Omniel clicked their tongue and walked to take the seat across from Vaggoth —a similarly decadent and rich seat upholstered in dark reds and blacks. "Circumstances change," they replied. "And the souls of the wicked are fleeting."
"You gambled away the last haul."
"I gambled away the last haul."
Vaggoth chuckled. "Happy to have you. I was worried we'd have to reach out to Azarial for this job." The angel spat at that, and Vaggoth laughed louder.
Soon after, the hulking frame of Daz'goz filled the door of the room, followed by the human and his remaining demonic guard. The goat-demon plodded across the room and dropped down on his haunches. The human glanced across the room with a frown on his lips before settling on Vaggoth. "Isn't there supposed to be an Incubus?" he asked. The human's voice was a dead sound in Vaggoth's ears, implying his soul had already been taken from him.
"There is," Vaggoth responded before glancing over at Daz'goz. The goat snorted in response and took in a deep breath before letting out a deafening, bellowing roar. Out the window of the lounge, Vaggoth watched the entire club grind to a halt as the sound permeated through. Not a few moments later, a lithe, crimson form darted through the stunned crowds and up toward the VIP room.
"Sorry 'bout that," said Urlyx as he slipped past the human and made toward the private bar in the lounge. He flashed a sharp-toothed grin at Vaggoth and winked. "You wanted me?"
"Sit, idiot." The incubus nodded and did as he was told. Vaggoth turned back toward the human and continued. "You may begin."
The human cleared his throat and set down his briefcase before folding his hands behind his back. "I don't know how much of this your... leader has explained to you, but you have been called here because you are experts in your respective fields; I do not settle for anything less than the best, and I expect that this contract will be signed and upheld to the greatest of each of your individual abilities."
The human reached out and unclipped the sides of his briefcase. He turned it around and opened it, revealing light. Thousands, if not millions, of tiny, spinning points of light filled the interior of the briefcase, so bright that Vaggoth needed to shield his eyes slightly and avoid looking directly at it. Daz'goz snarled and stamped his hooves as Urlyx whistled. Omniel simply stared, hungrily, at the fortune.
"One million, three hundred, thirty five thousand human souls," the human said. "None harvested through demon's contract. Each soul was procured by an employee of my company, signed over upon their agreement to work for me. You will receive three hundred thousand upon taking the job; the rest paid out upon successful completion." His eyes scanned the room, looking almost as dead and lifeless as a demon's. "The job must be done quietly and my involvement kept secret, as much as it is possible. I do not care the method or depravity required, so long as it produces the requested results."
"Interesting," Omniel replied, their eyes not having left the collection of souls since the human had opened it. "Though you speak vaguely: what exactly do you expect us to do for you? Surely this sum does not represent some ordinary efforts on your part."
The human glanced toward his demon guard. The guard stepped forward, dipping his hand into the souls and pulling out four individual piles that were placed out on the coffee table. "I do not discuss the nature of my business with those who I cannot trust," the human explained, motioning to the piles. "Should you wish to leave now, you may. If you take the souls, I will explain."
Vaggoth didn't hesitate. He'd expected the human to behave like this: all humans felt that demons and their contracts were of the utmost importance and layered everything with a hefty dose of bureaucracy. Daz'goz moved swiftly as well, his massive bestial hand thrice the side of any other's.
Ulryx swayed up and narrowed his eyes at the human. "Interesting fellow, you," he said as he took the souls. "Colour me invested."
Omniel stayed still for another moment, lost in thought. Vaggoth watched the fallen angel, wondering what might be going on in their head. Eventually, they sighed and nodded, stepping forward and taking up the final pile of souls. That was expected; Omniel had fallen due to greed, after all.
The human sighed contently and smiled, clasping his hands in the small of his back again. "Perfect. Now, I'm sure you're all aware of the Hellvault, yes?"
A wave of surprise passed through the assembled demons and angel. Of course Vaggoth knew of the Hellvault: Lord Lucifer's own private horde of souls, taken from the willing and cruel humans who bowed to the Prince of Hell himself. Other demons took souls as pittances, begging humans for pacts, but Lucifer needn't say a thing to a human to possess their soul. They gave willingly and generously to the devil himself.
"When I was twenty, I wished more than anything to be successful," the human explained. "I wished so deeply that I was taken pity upon. And I sold a part of myself for that success. The years are catching up to me, though, and I do think being condemned for all eternity is a poor culmination of all I have accomplished." The human seemed to notice the concern in the assembled beings' eyes: he smirked and stood taller as he continued:
"My soul is currently held within the Devil's Hellvault. I expect you to retrieve it and return it to me."
There was a quiet in the lounge, until broken by Ulryx. "You're insane," he said. "Insane. That's the most secured location in The Nine!"
"I was told that you were the best at what you do," the human responded. "Is that a lie?"
"No, I..." Ulryx frowned and glanced toward Vaggoth, as if expecting the greater demon to say something.
Vaggoth didn't entertain the incubus' hopes and instead looked toward the human. "I'm in," he said.
"I'm in," Omniel added as well, doing their best to keep from having their wings betray the worry so clear across their face. Daz'goz snorted and stamped at the ground in what Vaggoth figured was agreement.
Everyone in the room turned toward Ulryx. The incubus folded his arms across his chest and muttered a few times to himself before relenting with a beleaguered "alright, fine."
The human smiled and clasped his hands. "Perfect!" he announced. "I was told that I would not be disappointed."
"We don't disappoint," Vaggoth agreed as he stood. As much as he hated to admit it, though, Ulryx was right: the Devil's Hellvault was a fortress. Since the dawn of time, none had ever successfully retrieved a damned soul from inside. But then again, it had been centuries since someone had attempted it. There would be trouble for sure; if anything went wrong, well... Vaggoth didn't even know what kind of punishment Satan himself could think up. But the shimmering of the souls in the briefcase made him forget, briefly. That sort of money could get him out of the game for millennia.
"If you'll excuse us," Vaggoth began to the human. "We have a heist to plan."
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2021.10.18 03:30 2_cam_2 Caught this small pike in Beaver dam today

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2021.10.18 03:30 flamemixxco Collab tokens attainable from paid banner?

I was hoping to purchase the 750 quartz guaranteed summon for the 7 deadly sins but im not sure if it also gives you another 10 tokens for the pity has anyone tried it and gotten medals?
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2021.10.18 03:30 cricket_soup severe chest pain

so i’ve been binding for a little over a year and for the past couple months i’ve been wearing it a lot (like 12 hrs a day on school days). i’ve been having back pain while wearing it, and terrible chest pain when i don’t wear it. if i just cut down on the amount of time i bind will the chest pain go away or did i fuck something up long-term?
i would imagine this is somewhat common? so if anyone else had/has chest pain and found anything that helped please lmk
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2021.10.18 03:30 RadiomanATL "Under Duress"

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2021.10.18 03:30 NzeroRK Getting rid of "degenerate Triangle" from halo 3 Sapien player model

Quick tip. If you want to temporarily get rid of the "degenerate triangle" error that's all over your Sapien player model follow these steps:
First Press your Tilde Key to open the console (Opens in the game window bottom left)Then Type, "error_geometry_hide_all" and hit enter. (remove quotes)
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2021.10.18 03:30 yummynugglets Posts in this, and other subs have inspired me to quit my shitty bar cook job to become a sous-chef at an actual restaurant.

Just wanted to say thanks and congrats to all the folks quitting their shit jobs and getting better ones. I’m staging tomorrow for a Sous-chef position at a restaurant within a company that takes very good care of it’s employees, and I couldn’t be more excited to put in my 30 days at my current greaseball dive bar job.
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2021.10.18 03:30 rrhuleva I need some specialized advice

So to start off, I am 62, male and was about 296 lbs the middle of August.
I am not technically disabled, although I have of chronic neck and back pain as well as severe headaches frequently from the muscle spasms in my neck…all suffered in a freeway car accident 20 years ago!
I started a vigorous walking routine in mid-August as well as am trying to be more aware of my diet choices. I’ve lost about 9 lbs so far and am at 287 now, however according to my body composition scale, it seems like the weight loss has been mostly from muscle and water with very little of it from body fat.
I HATE my disgusting body right now…between my fat belly and “man boobs”, I look like a seriously unattractive pregnant woman! To say this is depressing is a MAJOR understatement!
I’m under no illusion that I am going to eventually regain a 25 year old beach body, but I would like to achieve something a bit more height/weight normal for a man my age.
I would like to add some strength training along with my walking, however I am ver limited in what I can do without seriously aggravating my injuries.
Simply the body mechanics involved in reaching overhead for an item, without any weight at all, will generally leave me laid up for several days.
So…my question -
Do any of you know of a VERY GENTLE form of strength training I can slowly introduce that I may be able to successfully participate in?
I have tried physical therapy and gym trainers, however I can’t seem to get them to understand how limited my range of motion is without consequences. Seriously, even just some gentle stretching is probably a good place for me to start!
I appreciate any help or advice you may be able to provide…thanks much!
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2021.10.18 03:30 SwaggyMcSwagsabunch How to create word documents using excel data

Hello all!
I am interested in (semi) automating a report writing process using Excel and Word. I work with water quality data that my laboratory provides to me in an excel format. The excel sheet includes a column the lists different water quality parameters vertically in rows, a column for acceptable ranges corresponding with each parameter, and columns for however many systems we sampled. My job is to look at the data, identify everything that is out of the acceptable range, and then write a report about it. It gets very repetitious, as there are only so many ways to say "the chlorine level is low" (oversimplification).
Currently, I have pre-written paragraphs in a word document addressing each potential situation (example: one for low pH and high conductivity; another for high pH and low conductivity; one for both high; one for both low; etc). I review the excel file and manually highlight everything out of range in red. I then refer to the bank of pre-written paragraphs and add the relevant ones to the report. I further edit if any nuance is required.
I would like to remove much of the manual formatting and put together a macro or something else that can look at the excel file, identify everything that is out of range, and create a word document with the pre-written paragraphs corresponding with whatever conditions were present.
Is this possible? I understand that it could get pretty complicated since there are 41 parameters involved, but even if half of the report could be automated, that would save me tons of time.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.18 03:30 jaejaeok What other physical assets do you stack?

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2021.10.18 03:30 Amayuscula “Game doesn’t hate me” The Game:

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2021.10.18 03:30 bonero123 Me sinto vazio

eu tenho amigos mas sinto que eles não gostam de min desde o inicio da pandemia eu me sinto solitário eu sinto que tem algo faltando, embora eu tenha entrado em uma escola prestigiada eu não me sinto completo eu estou feliz mas falta algo sinto saudade de conversa despretensiosa de so fala merda sem sentido era o que me deixava feliz agora não tem mais
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2021.10.18 03:30 AlbusAlbatross Reddit, what are some of the best YouTubers currently who deserve more recognition?

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2021.10.18 03:30 ihavetotinkle why do i keep punishing myself???

For so many years, i yearned for any social interraction with a group of friends. I cried and complained how lonely i am. And for the first time in years, an opportunity presents itself to me, and i punish myself by declining the invite.
Im so stupid!!!
And idk why. Part of the reason is the timing. Its sunday. I work really really early.
The other part, idk but i feel hesitant and uncomfy to be around my friends anymore. Mainly because my lifes shit, and im embarrassed to be around them. Im also jealous of them.
But ultimately, i think i just hate myself enough to torture myself and seclude myself from the world. Why else would i punish myself and deprive myself from the one thing i truly desire, social intimacy?!?!
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2021.10.18 03:30 thomas2026 Can't steal others Heist Equipment

See sometimes I will only do Scope Out and do no other setups.
Paval will text me and so some organisation is moving heist equipment. I take note of the Orgs Color, find them on the map, and wait 10 seconds.
Still no green heist icon, yet I see them making their way to their sub. This happens a lot, no green heist icon.
So one day, I boosted over to their sub and killed them on the way there. They dropped heist equipment, and the game said I could not pick it up?
Wtf is going on?
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2021.10.18 03:30 Blanksheet911 Am I the only one who thinks Steel Legion is the best skin?

I'm not talking about effects or animation but the design, I think the the armored design is cool and the blade is the best.
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2021.10.18 03:30 RockofRock Which state of life is the best?

Sorry if not accurate
View Poll
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2021.10.18 03:30 nyetloki He never learns

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2021.10.18 03:30 Acceptable-Wafer-641 did I miss the fact that she once used the hashtag #shrinkingbaldwinbabybump?

Alec Baldwin loads groceries with wife Hilaria and daughter Carmen
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2021.10.18 03:30 ParagonHereticForce Such incompetence....

So let me get this straight. i disappeared for some time because of the suicide mission that was given to me - not even a year - and on that mean time that pit of incompetence destroy my men and loses my money. IS this the outcome for everyone? (I have been being kinda of a asshole to her since she showed up because my RP will not bow to simply to "status")
BRUH! I was better off on the abyss.
I even felt good when Areelu praised me for always using the braces from the start of the game since she made it especially for us.
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2021.10.18 03:30 Chuck_Sharts1 A flea, a bed bug, what????

I moved into a new apartment. I had a tall glass of water sitting on a dresser about four feet high. It had been sitting there from the night before. A few minutes ago, I saw what looked to be a tiny, light-yellow bug with some kind of dot towards the end of its body. Wtf could it have been? A bed bug? But bed bugs couldn't jump into a tall glass of water four feet off the ground, right?? A flea??? I'm freaking out, I've never had to deal with bugs before.
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2021.10.18 03:30 _Bdok17_ What is your favorite Assassin’s Creed game? I really love Origins.

I wish I could go back and play Origins for the first time again. I will never forget the feeling of first sliding down the side of a pyramid. I can’t wait for the next game.
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2021.10.18 03:30 The_Overlord_Laharl The jump looks like a jump

That is all
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2021.10.18 03:30 Background_Mud1813 Yandere type songs

Or songs about killing for the one you love or having an obsession
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