Do you like mini bricks construction?

2021.10.18 02:22 2win-masks Do you like mini bricks construction?

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2021.10.18 02:22 ek1992osu Let's go Seahawks!

Time to bury the Shillers
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2021.10.18 02:22 WildcatME1999 Which of these Nicktoon Kid Protagonists is your favorite?

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2021.10.18 02:22 RustyVandelay This Patch is my Personal "Quit Moment" and Here's Why

So I'm not good at fighting games. I couldn't really get into Xrd because the online was bad and the system mechanics seemed bloated and convoluted but I liked how Sol and Johnny looked and I just bought to play the combo trials.
Decided to pickup Strive because the game seemed more managable judging from the beta and had a blast so far.
Spent 300 hours so far, grinded out some optimal combos, some less optimal, played online so much I got my scrubby ass into Celestial twice and was still feeling like there was so much left to learn, from matchups to optimal situational combos, punishes, IBs and where to use FD optimally and so much more.
Haven't even scratched the tip of the iceberg.
Now the new patch comes out, I head to training mode and have to realize that all the muscle memory I've hammered in over the past four month is useless and I have to start over.
In fact it's not just useless, it's detrimental to my play because in high pressure situations I default to what I have learnt the past 4 month and throw away games because of it.
I picked Sol because I think he looks cool, I'm new to the series and I was under the impression that he's the beginner character for unsophisticated monkeys like me, that like to run in and press buttons until something hits and you get a flashy combo.
So why on earth would you change a beginner character so fundamentally after 4 month that I don't feel like playing anymore because he is a new character and the whole game is a new game?
I might sit down and learn everything from scratch or I might not and just play something else that seems more reliable which respects my time investment and I wonder if I'm the only one that feels that way.
This isn't about balance or anything. I dunno how strong he is but if they just adjusted the damage of CH Volcanic Viper they could've achieved the same thing without alienating every newcomer that picked their poster boy in the first balance patch.
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2021.10.18 02:22 tonyrai26 Best motherboard for i3-10105F preferably under 100? I dont really care about what chipset it is.

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2021.10.18 02:22 Downtown_Yak6973 [Fan made] I made a new enemy type: Magmanic

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2021.10.18 02:22 DJDevon3 1974 Cardinals Went 7-0

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2021.10.18 02:22 jhon_weak_come Bardo Pond - Amanita (25th Anniversary Edition) Music Album Reviews

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2021.10.18 02:22 wireguy12 Me_irl

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2021.10.18 02:22 EdwardBBZ Game is playing itself?

`So i was playing against hyperthin and had a card left and the game just kinda passed on its own? My hands were away from the keyboard and mouse, so i didnt press anything by accident. Pls explain.
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2021.10.18 02:22 Opening-Angle531 Only had sex with my husband once this year. Is it time to let this go?

I’ve been with my husband for 11 years and married for 4 years. We have two children and a couple of pets together. So this whole year me and my husband haven’t been on the same page about basically everything ! I won’t blame just one person in the reason we haven’t had sex we never have had an extremely active sex life the whole time we’ve been together. Normally I’m the one who has to get things started and here lately I just don’t see the point if he’s going to get “his” and not take his time to let me get “mine” which he used to be very good about making sure I get “mine”. Now we never see eye to eye on anything. Right now we’re on argument #3 of this week. My mental health has also been slipping down the drain pretty rapidly and he does not believe in depression / anxiety so I feel like I have to hide it from him. Which is not easy.... I don’t want my marriage to end but I don’t know how to fix us anymore especially when I’m trying to climb out of my depression hole. Any advice ? I know it’s a mess
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2021.10.18 02:22 cryptosubs Embrace it.

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2021.10.18 02:22 FortniteLover1245 (Shower thought) does God give you extra credit if you die a virgin?

If your being judged is it like “oh you robbed a bunch of people, but you didn’t stick up pp in anything crazy so you can get in.”
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2021.10.18 02:22 idkjustfollowmelol Servers are unplayable and needs to be addressed

It’s been over a week now, I completely believe at this point that b4b payed valve to make their servers ass and pull players into b4b. It started happening the DAY before b4b release, that’s a pretty ridiculous coincidence considering this hasn’t happened in a ridiculously long time and now it only happens on b4b release? Please fix this
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2021.10.18 02:22 geneohefner First Benz!

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2021.10.18 02:22 bingmyname This really didn't have to be a 5 year rebuild. What should they do next?

Imo the Texans have young talent that they should be exploring in this lost season.
The DL isn't stacked but it's got young promising players in Lopez, Blacklock and Greenard and some valuable veterans like Collins, Martin and Jenkins who you can transition out of as rotational players. They need to stop messing around with you g players development like Charles Omenihu who is inexplicably not in the rotation. The LB core needs an overhaul in the draft for sure and so does most of the secondary. Reid is still promising and Lonnie can learn but shouldn't be starting at this point. Gotta find DBs and LBs and add at least 1 star level pass rusher which isn't hopeless to do in 2-3 years.
The offense needs to be rebuilt at the trenches. You either move Howard back to RT or forget about it and have to rebuild every position at the line because he just ain't getting it at LG. Tunsil only has 2 or 3 years left on his contract so you can put that position off until he has 1 year left. Britt is not the center for this team and Max Scharping has just been destroyed. WR wise, you can get away with Cooks as WR1 for maybe another 2 years, hope Collins develops nicely and then maybe look to spend a high pick somewhere down the line on another WR. TE group is serviceable although you really need guys to block but you don't need to spend high picks there yet either (btw Brevin should be getting a chance otherwise why did you draft him?). RB room is a tragedy. Scottie Phillips, even if he were as bad as DJ and Lindsay should be the 1-2 combo with Ingram.
As for Mills, he has shown quite a bit of good but also some concerning bad things and if he can't fix those bad things by the end of the year, I'm taking Corral with one of my first round picks. Also, it's clear they don't trust him. The play calling feels so restrained because they don't trust him. I'd say just let him rip it. Got nothing to lose in this lost season.
What do you want to see the Texans do for the quick turnaround (I predict I will see a lot of "fire David Culley"s and "Sell the team").
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2021.10.18 02:22 Narrogai vendo fofura e comendo tak3zin

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2021.10.18 02:22 Shaolang [Excerpt Spoilers] The payoff will be so satisfying after all this build up.

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2021.10.18 02:22 trailer8k green goblin meme 2

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2021.10.18 02:22 sakrunnaderro If u need any social account hacked hmu

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2021.10.18 02:22 Girljpunk What’s this?!?

Sooo what does “Working for Maliarca” mean in Georgia?
Is that a company orrrrr?
Get ready for 28393 questions from time to time folks 😂
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2021.10.18 02:22 clip_mirror_bot Albert gets a nosebleed

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2021.10.18 02:22 CyberCrutches W: Egg Head Serum Recipe H: Adrenal Reaction Serum Recipe or Speed Demon Serum Recipe or Caps

Last one I need
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2021.10.18 02:22 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Tyranno GXT] [Streamline] [Standard] [Hikari P5: Infinite]

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2021.10.18 02:22 Pizza_Guy8084 Am I doing it right?

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