New Streambar - Completely Lost on setup

2021.12.01 21:37 hotzauce88 New Streambar - Completely Lost on setup

So I got a Streambar, figured it isn’t rocket science to figure out. My Tab has CEC, but apparently not HDMI ARC, so I’m using the optical output
Here’s my dilema- the Streambar obviously is playing the sound thru the HDMI itself, not optical port since I removed it to test. When I switched inputs to my Xbox One (why I got this thing really) it plays through the crappy tv speakers
I even tried connecting optical to Xbox directly, but no dice. Feel like I’m missing something basic - or this is the downside to $200 Sceptre 50 inch UHD - has served me great for 2+ yrs
Thanks for any help/tips
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2021.12.01 21:37 Solid_Revolution9215 Took 0.5 MG Xanax 4 days ago and I haven’t done anything else before that. Am I good to pass a urine test tomorrow?

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2021.12.01 21:37 TheLeafwing134 New Last Life inspired Minecraft server

whitelist on DM and tell me why you should join the server and if you are cool ill let you join
also heres a link to grians last life video if you dont knonw what last life is
Also must be on Pacific timezone or something close to it
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2021.12.01 21:37 H2FJess_ Is it an addiction? YES. Am I stopping? NO.

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2021.12.01 21:37 PanicMeter i5 6500 + gtx 960 worth upgrading?

Ive had my i5 6500 gtx 960 2gb pc for 4 years now and its starting to struggle to run even light esports. Is it worth upgrading my pc or should i just buy a new system? I mainly wanna run esports at 144hz.
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2021.12.01 21:37 _pussinboots_ Sausage jail

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2021.12.01 21:37 encentral Selling the my duplicate penguin :)

N y p
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2021.12.01 21:37 ImmortalHobo Liars

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2021.12.01 21:37 PhatBallllzAtHotmail Cuteness Overload

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2021.12.01 21:37 ScarWarda 2 Rings for Platinum Trophy

Hey there, I finally decided to grind for the Platinum. I just got my world tendency to Pure white in all worlds... to find out I need pure white "character" tendacity for the Ally Ring.
Would anyone be kind enough to drop an Ally Ring and Sodden Ring? I can return right after! I can drop some goodies if you looking for something specific.
This would complete my Platinum trophy!
Thanks for your time.
Ps5, 'Oxorknife'
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2021.12.01 21:37 NewsgramLady That's about right

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2021.12.01 21:37 WhyAmINotOriginal going through an episode and my emotional stability is slipping, help me calm down and AMA

Ask anything at all, i need to et my mind on something else
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2021.12.01 21:37 mentosfresh [WTS] Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MK4, Multicam Arid (CA)

Selling a brand new Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MK4, Multicam Arid.
$80 shipped. Zelle, Cashapp.
Message me through PM, not chat!
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2021.12.01 21:37 bloode975 The end of an arc, The black hole powered squid ship.

So last night we had our weekly DnD session and we knew it'd be an interesting one but that just doesn't do it justice so I thought I'd share a tale with you all of the culmination of months of planning and trials.
This campaign started as a westmarches but grew into its own rather quickly and had quite a few memorable moments one, now two, which are going to stay with me forever, but moving forward, we had unfortunately made a bit of a blunder at level 6 trying to circumvent a trap in a dungeon, climbing into a bag of holding to circumvent some poison gas, forgetting I had a quiver of elona, whoops xD and so transported off to the astral sea we were.
What followed was a tale of the last disciple of a dead and forgotten God standing within the body of his God so long within the astral his body became of stone and weathered so he lost most of his features, an amicable man by the name of Klaus whom gave us his assistance willingly, now my own character, a chronurgy wizard and archaeologist by the name mirabell feathermoon (Not the elven dancer) and our warforged artificer tinker are curious souls by nature and so spoke the words that would tie ourselves to Klaus for a long time to come "Would we be able to help revive your God somehow?". Now we are working on the idea that a God dies when forgotten and unworshipped by enough people so technically possible. Started as just some minor offerings here and there as a kickstarter and we tried to hear the name or see his form but are unable to, the multiverse has forgotten so how could we know?
And so we explored the astral sea in our own bumbling way, Klaus eventually finding us a silver portal so we could go home, unbeknownst to us at the time we were bordering the far realms which... makes things fiddly and so instead of our own material plane which knows only of itself along with heaven and hell, we discover athas... thankfully we were only there for about a week before banishing ourselves back to the astral and at this stage we were level 7, the aftermath of our trip to the astral in the first place and our clearing out of Klaus' godhead.
We wished to return home and know more of the astral sea, a land of theory on our plane. So Klaus offers to take us to the land where we would get answers, for a price, take two statuettes of his God, don't look at them trying to get detail fucks you up a bit mentally >.> and we were to place one at the peak of a mountain in the outlands and another anywhere within the great city of Sigil, one interesting "climb" (jump series) down a very large mountain with myself and tinker in a bag of holding and our echo knight fighter sabbaf burningstar and his ring of featherfalling along with some teleports with his echo to speed things up later we look for a way to get up to sigil and finding a town with a flying ship, as it turns out however people don't accept money from people essentially astral projecting since well it doesn't stay around when you leave. So we had to perform some healing around the place in form of the meagre payment required and had a guard assigned to us for the duration of our stay in the city which was mainly spent in a library researching the planes, what's going on, our options to get back and we settled upon artificial ways to travel the planes, not wishing to be limited to our own home plane forever after seeing the wonders of sigil and the inhabitants, celestials, devils, demons, liches, people wearing items of legend all intermingling.
We had even met an Octon who controlled the flying ship and took a liking to myself and tinker for keeping up with atleast the basics (to him) of how the ships operates and gave us a card for if we ever reached mechanus for another meeting, provide a service and continue an amicable conversation.
During our research we were able to get a meeting with a planar expert due to our situation, during which our artificer signed a devilish pact to get the Information required to create a planar ship and some schematics to work with, as it turns out his steel defender housing a primordial being of fear called the frail cage (you will be missed interns 1 through 15, sorry we couldn't recover your faces.) Already had claim over his soul, for some reason or another Klaus appeared somewhat within the room and stabbed the standard steel defender with the dark spark (basically 3d6 flametongue that's cursed as fuck by the frail cage) summoning it from the material plane where it had stayed (couldn't bring it back.) Causing it to lunge at the devil whose pact was signed as Klaus walks off. Mephistus struggles trying to not get his face bitten off for a bit before the lady of pain walks in through a wall and crunches its skull, summoned by Klaus' presence we assume as we find out soon after as he very much should not be there, she tells mephistus he has 3 days to honour the contract or there will be consequences and us to not cause more trouble... I'll let you guess how that ended up.
With us in prison xD more a warning than anything else but not the last time we end up there. Prestidigitation on hung over drunk people being snarky was too much to pass up, being in the middle of the main road however was not thought out well, in my defence mirabell was hungover aswell, it'd been a long couple weeks.
So during the next 2 days we spent more time at the library, we find out things we can use for a power source, where we could construct some containment for said power source, the fact we need a vessel and a way to actually navigate the planes. And I met a man who called himself Tim and he was an incredibly powerful man whom helped us with some things due to sharing of some knowledge that he didn't have and by essentially kidnapping us for a day or two extremely fucked over mephistus. Ended that interaction with a ritual to bring stuff either from the astral to wherever we were in actual form so we could pay for stuff, a spell scroll containing magnificent mansion in some edited form and me being feeble-minded because Tim is kind of a cunt but I mean fair. I have also been glossing over many details and events because I didn't want this to drag on too much but it has anyway for that I apologise.
Lvl 8 by now, well for awhile now. We got what we needed and so headed to mechanus, once more for a price from Klaus, forgetting there are portals in the outlands, whoops. The other statuette was destroyed by mephistus. This time we must give one to a septon. When we arrived we were hounded by the gith whom have a severe dislike of Klaus for some reason, nice and incredibly terrifying guy. Fight them, goes rather poorly for us so we unshackle the frail cage (put under dm control and it does chaotic shit and fucks people up.) Causing the gith to flee and or die and as we find out later cause a slaadi invasion of mechanus. We eventually meet good ol Octon 32 again and are informed essentially provide service and get merits to be exchanged for what we want, What'd we need to do? Assist with the invasion we caused, during which our party of 3 managed to kill 1 grey 3 blue 2 red 1 green and 1 death slaad before two of us died and were transported back to the astral via our silver cords. This destabilised the slaad command enough that tinker escaping back to the lines of modrons got healed and helped push further in, slowly crumbling the enemy lines, this got us the merits needed for our containment device and some materials for another of tinkers projects, the frail cage is on trial in mechanus, for a long time so far it's been 6+ months in game since then.
So we needed a ship and by this stage we had gotten reckless and impatient of being surrounded by forces and beings so far out of our control so we picked our two easiest options for availability, the gith or the illithids, going for the latter due to my own characters past experiences with them and less likely to have reinforcements arrive and so we travelled to the far realms, once more for a cost, Klaus would craft a weapon to stab into the mind witness controlling the medium sized ship which would weaken the illithids, we do this and it turned the illlithids into illithid vampires and freeing there captive duegar slaves, shenanigans ensue of clearing the place out, nearly dying multiple times with no silver cord to save us as we clear out most of the 8 remaining illithid vampires and the freed duegar did the rest.
We came across an imprisoned illithid arcanist who offered help in return for being fed and trading arcane knowledge, considering our partys "friends" the last 7 odd months in game he really wasn't that bad. And we managed to get both sides to not kill each other by agreeing to take the duegar home, which required olketh alive and just generally work together and avoid people and walk away if tensions got high. And once this happened and we got moving once more we hit level 9 and so we left, our short but maddening (Let's be real we were very much insane already in some way.) Stint in the far realms coming to an end, once more back in the astral sea, where last night's session began we were informed a man wanted to see us in the cargo bay, assuming who it was we walk down to greet him we see him within the cargo bay, not greeting us from the God heads entrance, in fact the godhead no longer looked like a boulder, but a statue, we conversed and he bid us farewell and thanks, we asked for his gods name and domain "Te'Hemana, the unscriven (unwritten)" which our dm had a fun line for if we figured out the anagram, we didn't until pointed out it was one, "His name isn't an anagram of anathema, anathema is an anagram of his name." And so his God began to wake, slowly in a land of dead gods as Klaus departed upon his shoulder, our new patron giving us a boon for services rendered, the shrouded soul, proficiency in stealth and permanently under the effects of the nondetection spell except the description implies trying to find us through magical means would be the same as trying to find our patron, a deity, and basically confirmed of pretty much any magic regardless of power will not be able to find us so even wish is off the table. and so we departed to limbo for our next component... the power source for our squid ship to travel the planes under its own force since we managed ship and navigation in one fell swoop, we had already decided months ago, if we were doing this, and we were doing it, it was go big and fuck the consequences.
And so we arrived upon limbo and our crew, temporary or otherwise imposed our will upon the plane of chaos, stabilising the ship within, we ourselves along with the containment device exit the stable zone and need to roll arcana to see if we know what we're doing and need to do even despite extensive research, hardship and costly knowledge, both me and tinker had to roll as we would both affect the process of creation, 31 for myself and 21 for tinker, we know what must be done and so we began, shoving matter into the containment device envisioning a dark star of immense density, as much as is possible to contain within the device, the roll to decide the fate of our plan, optional limbo transmutation rule using the DC, 25 or higher, tinker has advantage with my help and our previous roll, 25, double Nat 20, flash of genius bringing it to 30, the dice knew and the dice reward, it collapses inward on itself creating a 15ft sphere that is the black hole itself within the containment, the word stills and light bends as the containment turns on, powered by the very thing it contains, An immense pulse emanates out anything within slowed to stillness before it passes and time resumes, fragments of lightning bolts frozen to see for moments, the wave so powerful it was visible to the naked eye despite being purely magical and so it spread across the plane of limbo, the containment device holding steady and fine, changing and growing around the thing it contains, becoming more than it was, something significant has happened and only time will tell the consequences but our companions once more have their fate in their own hands and are only a short time away from returning home.
Hope you all enjoyed the events, sorry it was so long winded but I was rather giddy to explain that last part as it felt a truly perfect end to this arc of our story and I wanted to share, even just reliving these moments through memory has me grinning maniacally aha.
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2021.12.01 21:37 AkumaX6 One piece tá diferente!!

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2021.12.01 21:37 RedDirt85 Up first, Michael Scott

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2021.12.01 21:37 larry_lawliet Go solaverse

Go solaverse!!
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2021.12.01 21:37 IOnlyPlayAsMeowscle Does anyone have this one really annoying sprint glitch where when you’re running it glitches forward a bit?

It gets annoying at times, got a whole new controller just cause of it and its on and off now, sometimes it disappears and reappears.
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2021.12.01 21:37 Golfingbadly Perez Carrillo

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2021.12.01 21:37 hotsprings1234 I built my house using wooden pegs...

Most say, that is highly dowel full
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2021.12.01 21:37 Moonlight_Butterfly A Lost Christmas Song

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2021.12.01 21:37 itsshaaane Name of colorway and is it authentic?

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2021.12.01 21:37 Thatoneangiekinne !SPOILERS FOR RECENT DSMP LORE! I hit you with wholesome stuff so uh have this

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2021.12.01 21:37 Wild_DoggoTrump This is John Birch he was a missionary and the inspired the JBS he was killed by commies. RIP your an angel now Brich

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2021.12.01 21:37 WarEvilnight 100k shares accepted.

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