2021.12.01 21:41 Timely_Effective5668 Whoosh

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2021.12.01 21:41 dirrtyremixes Husman - Desire / RVC080 / Rave Culture

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2021.12.01 21:41 lukas_deeznut123 my country stock every time I decided to build a pc :

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2021.12.01 21:41 JackoTheYTer Not a meme but thought this was funny

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2021.12.01 21:41 WeekendWarior [Request] looking for the chords at 5:25 in this video

The part repeats until like 8:00
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2021.12.01 21:41 Imabigdill Going in for our 20 wk ultrasound tomorrow! Any advice for us or things we should ask about?

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2021.12.01 21:41 TiaPixel RimWorld - Update 1.3.3200 improves defense tools and raid strategies

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2021.12.01 21:41 SmokinOldToby Form a Party Mission

Is there a glitch going around? No matter how many times I form a party with LL super Vegito the mission won’t complete.
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2021.12.01 21:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.euronews.com/next/2021/12/01/france-approves-fully-autonomous-bus-for-driving-on-public-roads-in-a-european-first

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2021.12.01 21:41 upbstock Have a great evening 🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆

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2021.12.01 21:41 eennealyr333 i hope this helps someone this week. u r on the right journey if you're on the journey of learning and loving yourself. 💗

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2021.12.01 21:41 heresmars Why is this little guy turning opaque?

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2021.12.01 21:41 hornyfurrycock666 Here’s my top artists, no surprise that bones is #1 what are your top artists for 2021?

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2021.12.01 21:41 boarbar How would your group draft MID and VOW (Double Feature style)?

My draft group of 6 has a box of MID and a box of VOW. I was wandering what you all think would be the most enjoyable way to combine the two sets into one draft - preferably without taking all the packs part and redistributing them.
Right now my thought is hand out 1st packs by alternating sets between players and then do the same for the next 2 rounds. But maybe we should just include more MID or more VOW 2:3? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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2021.12.01 21:41 huncho_320i Zekrom raid add 8767 7006 1887

Add 8767 7006 1887 starting in 3 min
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2021.12.01 21:41 CUMgurgler666 A dick head

So about 2 years ago I was in the 8th grade and I was on the bus on my way to school and this kid was walking and there isn't his house in his neighborhood had one of those big trenches that gets filled up with water to prevent floods and he thought it'd be funny if he grabbed a really small skateboard that belonged to a very young child and threw it in to the water I hope that poor kid was able to get his skateboard back
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2021.12.01 21:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.azernews.az/nation/186328.html

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2021.12.01 21:41 DicksonDGreat Mixing the stock 8gb 3200mhz single rank ram and a new 8gb 3200mhz dual rank ram

I want to upgrade my laptop from 8gb to 16gb. Don't know if I could mix these two ram sticks.
Stock Kingston 8gb 3200mhz single rank
And planning to buy Crucial 8gb 3200mhz dual rank
Is it okay to mix these two rams? Or should I wait and save to buy two new ram?
Laptop specs: Lenovo legion 5i I5 10300h Gtx 1650
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2021.12.01 21:41 G0ldenyell0w Need help to read Dutch test results please

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2021.12.01 21:41 act1989 "Yub nub" is Ewok for "Thrift stores rule."

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2021.12.01 21:41 Tio_Kentch Olha... não gosto muito de futebol, mas o CU consegui conquista meu coração

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2021.12.01 21:41 napkin_man I set my 3 year old son up with a basic computer. He’s excited to type and use his rainbow keyboard. I’m happy to have him with me at the new desk.

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2021.12.01 21:41 toeknee88125 Regarding dan's position on enes Kanter, he is misinformed on a few things.

So listening to Dan talk about the enes Kanter situation he's drawing parallels to Cuba that are not accurate.

  1. Enes Kanter is not a legitimate advocate for democracy. Enes Kanter is a supporter of Fethullah Gulen.
To make a long story short gulenists do not support liberal democracies in the way we think of them in the West.
Gulen is as much of an islamist, fundamentalist authoritarian wannabe ask his former Ally the president of Turkey erdogan. They disagree very little on domestic politics in Turkey. Their schism is almost entirely based on personal conflict centered around which one of them should be the leader of the fundamentalist Islamic State they hope to create.
Categorizing a gulenists as a legitimate supporter of democracy is a joke.
This is not at all to defend Erdogan, but gulen and him are basically the same person.
"Sharing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's ambition to empower religious individuals in civil life previously disenfranchised in secular Turkey, in 2003 a number of Gülen movement participants pivoted from the Turkish political center to become the junior partner with the newly ruling Erdoğan-led and center-right Justice and Development Party (AKP), providing the party political and sorely-needed administrative support.[34][35][36] This political alliance worked together to weaken left-of-center Kemalist factions in the judiciary, military, and police (see Ergenekon trials). "
Both of these men want to destroy a secular Democratic turkey.
They're conflict is who gets to be in charge.
Gulen was the man behind the 2016 attempted coup in Turkey. He is supported by the United States, largely because the United States is unhappy with erdogan not being as anti-russian or anti-iranian as most Turkish leaders have been. He has been more independent from American foreign policy goals than Turkish leaders have in the past.
The United States has refused to extradite him to Turkey to stand trial for the coup. He lives under US protection in Pennsylvania where he is very rich living off of donations from Turkish and Turkish American people who support him and the network of Islamic schools he runs. Obviously if you can imagine this has been a wedge issue in the alliance between turkey and the United States traditionally very close allies and even NATO allies. (The Cuban missile crisis was largely caused by US nuclear missiles stationed in Turkey).
It's widely believed that had his coup succeeded in 2016 the United States state department would have recognized him as the legitimate ruler of turkey and pressured all of its Western allies to do so as well. Obviously it's middle Eastern allies would have been eager to welcome him.
  1. Enes Kanter as a supporter of somebody that tried to lead a coup is obviously an enemy of the State in Turkey.
He would be in basically every single country.
Enes Kanter is not actually advocating for liberal, secular democracy in Turkey. Erdogan is an Islamist who has won free elections regularly, Gulen is an islamist that has failed to do that.
I will defend enes Kanter on advocating for Uyghur Muslims. What's happening to them is collective punishment and that is widely considered a crime against humanity.
I will say that it's ironic he goes on Tucker Carlson to talk about the plight of Uyghurs.
He should look up the stuff Tucker has said about Muslims in different contexts.
Eg. Muslim refugees entering into Europe.
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2021.12.01 21:41 DaWheelMvp [Recruiting] WolfPack | TownHall 9-13 | Clan Level 9 | CWL/War/Farming Clan | Independent Tag: #YQGYGQGU

Recruiting for CWL: Gold league 2 Search time 12pm est Dec 12, 2021
Looking for members with: * Active in clan games and war * Active donators
Clan Provides: * 2 wars per week * Can opt out if you’re upgrading heroes, must participate in CWL * Max clan games * Discord servers with attack strategies and planning for war
Clan tag is #YQGYGQGU.
We have a discord you can join. It helps keep wars and CWL organized and is the best way to let the leaders know if you ever need anything.
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2021.12.01 21:41 poppcorrn I stand by what I said. Wish version of Ed Sheeran and post Malones love child

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