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Records should be current and up to date with the submissions I have received. Thank you guys for cooperating and making this possible.

2021.12.01 21:33 Memphii Records should be current and up to date with the submissions I have received. Thank you guys for cooperating and making this possible.

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2021.12.01 21:33 TvSwat TIP for the Gingerbread present challenge - ASSIGN Numbers

Assign numbers and mix the numbers in your head as they change places.
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2021.12.01 21:33 FadedNeonzZz Nefarious Chibi Cinder [Misa_RWBY]

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2021.12.01 21:33 Thatoneangiekinne !SPOILERS FOR RECENT DSMP LORE! Ghostbur meets Ghostboo :)

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2021.12.01 21:33 legoeater1 Quick theory

Due to the fact that jojo’s bizarre adventure is now a netflix anime series, it’s not made by the same animators, thus meaning that it’s likely that they could be able to draw horses in the jjba art style which brings me to the conclusion that we will be able to see part 7: steel ball run animated on Netflix.
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2021.12.01 21:33 JaffaCakesAreMyJam The Witcher showrunner reveals a ‘huge’ deleted scene from season 2 that will appear in series 3

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2021.12.01 21:33 Hodaiasu Remake from a old pony!

Remake from a old pony! This is one of my oldest OC from Pony Town. I Remake them with the new items and features and my new way to design ponies. I recommend you do the same with yours old ones too!
(also pls don't copy my little one)
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2021.12.01 21:33 ijaialai what was the most ridiculous non-sensical plot twist or reveal you’ve seen in a movie?

spoilers ahead for those who have not seen Last Night In Soho, but to me the reveal that the scene of young Sandie being stabbed/murdered turned out to be completely false and that she herself was the one doing the stabbing/murdering made absolutely no sense to me. felt like it was thrown in there simply to throw the audience off, which i’m all for if the situation or plot makes even the tiniest amount of sense. Maybe someone smarter than me can correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m curious if there are any other movies that threw in a twist or scene that had literally nothing to do with the plot itself
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2021.12.01 21:33 relicond I had a co-op lucid dream with my friend

It happened about 7 years ago. Me and said friend were practicing lucid dreamung at the time and had a goal of meeting each other in a dream. I heard that it's not possible, but read a few sources that stated otherwise. So, one night I dreamed about being in a room with that friend. Somehow I realised that it was a dream. I told my friend that he was sleeping but he didn't believe me. Then i took his hands and shoved them into his face(Looking at your hands is a common technique in reality checks). His facial expression immediately changed. I saw fire burning in his eyes and I instantly knew he was aware that we are in a drem. We jumped out the window and had some fun flying aroung and destroying the city. I remember tearing a fire hydrant out and throwing it into the building. Then I began to lose lucidity and flew away. I was flying through some buildings and noticed that they were identical. I was stuck in a loop. I looked down and saw some kind of slums and a lot of children just standing in the middle of the street. They looked up at me and I saw they had no pupils in their eyes, they were completely white. I was terrified and began to lose control of flight. I began to fall and children were trying to grab me. At this moment I woke up. I immedeatly texted my friend and asked if he had a lucid dream. I was skeptical and didn't reveal any details of my dream to the friend. He said that he had a lucid dream and I was in it. His story matched mine, but his dream ended by him being chased by dogs with burning eyes. So, that's the story. I had several similar experienses, but I remember this the most. You can ask me any questions you want.
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2021.12.01 21:33 Snizballer Zekrom on me 0596 2838 4888

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2021.12.01 21:33 SocKuhh LF: 6iv non-US Ditto FT:Shiny Medicham or Gardevoir, Lucky Egg, Black Sludge, Leftovers, or 5iv male eevee (not shiny)

Hoping I'm not offering too little for something so useful! Thanks
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2021.12.01 21:33 NWContentTech Embrace The Power Of Canary Releases Using Optimizely Fullstack

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2021.12.01 21:33 kgtzz8 [QC] Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha from Timsneakers (Size 8)

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2021.12.01 21:33 SnasGamign The experience of playing with randoms.

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2021.12.01 21:33 Silverblade1234 Sorcerous Origin: Dreamweaver - Harness the power of dreams and nightmares with this ephemeral sorcerous origin!

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2021.12.01 21:33 Supergreencandy Made a Retro / Synthbeat

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2021.12.01 21:33 CrungusMungo Playing as a Monosludge is wild

Before anyone asks how to play as one, what I did was I started as a human, summoned a monosludge, and used wish (swap) to play as it. Be careful, you have to specifically summon a "monosludge" (I think I had to wish "soupy monosludge" to do it. Just using "sludge" results in one that can't react with liquids to evolve. The sludge should have a random liquid as its trait other than soupy, eg. salty or oily.

I lost a level 30 character to a bloody oily disludge, getting killed in one hit despite having full health. After seeing the "syphoned" effects appear maybe 8 times in my list of effects, I decided to start a new spite-filled run playing as the very creature that ruined my run to show/see how OP it was. My goal: react with every liquid in Qud and become the ultimate fuck-you to the universe.

I started one zone below Joppa, since playing as a monster causes Warden Uualrig to get hostile if you get too close (You can reach Tam and Argyve, but not Mehmet without aggroing him). With about 40 Quickness and low movement speed, I was a very weak salty sludge who was a bit weaker than a human despite being level 18. My only saving grace was having 75 HP instead of the usual 20. Being at such a high level and still being weak, earning XP wasn't an option to improve myself. I found the nearest puddle of water and upgraded to a disludge, instantly becoming level 21 and gaining a bit of quickness. Those of you who are already familiar with sludges know that sludges who have water in their arsenal of fluids are already very dangerous, so I was already prepared to go to Red Rock. After fighting my way past some baboons and entering the first floor, I reacted with blood, slime, and another liquid (probably sap), becoming a powerful Tetrasludge that could kill anything in one hit, but also easily took damage and had to spend a lot of time healing.

It was around this point that I realized food and water were still a concern, so I looted my original human character for waterskins and some crusty loaves, then I killed a few glowfish and took their corpses for food since I couldn't make a campfire. My method of survival was eating a corpse once I became famished and auto-collecting freshwater. Carrying water became extra useful when I had a lot of max carry weight from strength. I then ventured through more of the Salt Marsh to collect more liquids (cider, asphalt, sap, honey, other common fluids) until I became a decasludge with 10 liquids at my disposal. I was still one-shotting everything, but vulnerable at the same time. It was easy, but I still had to pay attention.

So, after getting a whole bunch of liquids and becoming an unstoppable abomination in melee, what's a sludge to do? Get a gun? Nah, more liquids. I did what every low-level player and Mechanimist convert does and made my way to the Six-Day Stilt to visit the ichor merchant in the market. Wardens Esther picked a fight with me, which was extremely unfortunate for her, considering my existence was salt in the mouths of the balance gods. She and all of her clones died in one attack each, and my relationship with the Council of Wardens took its first step towards oblivion. After looting her real body, I made my way to the ichor merchant, where I discovered a big problem: I have 1 Int. The many books I looted from a sultan cult were worth maybe 3-5 drams each, but I had enough books and spare water to buy a vial of brown sludge to add myself. I poured one dram of it on the ground and discovered it immediately dried up on the sandy ground. I begrudgingly spent the last of my goods to pay another 100 drams of water for a couple drams of algae, which was far away at the time, and became a hendecasludge.

I picked up asphalt back in the Salt Marshes, so instead of going to the Asphalt Mines next, I began my true holy pilgrimage to the Rainbow Wood, where fungal weeps of very variety awaited me. On my way there, I ran low on supplies and had to stop at Kyakukya to sell the items I collected while undulating through the jungle. Sadly, Warden Indrix wasn't a fan of my presence, so I had to one-shot him and become despised by wardens before trading with the mayor to get some water. After I was done trading with him, an angry woodsprog or whatever they are came at me, so I had to kill it and the rest of the village to get out of the mushroom hut the mayor lived in. I collected the freshwater reserve in the middle of the village and continued my journey. After killing some goatfolk shamans on my way to the Rainbow Wood, I finally collected my reward of ink, wine, and every other liquid available by weep until I came across a giant lava weep.

This is the part where I began to fly too close to the sun. I poured a couple of drams of lava on the ground and walked over them, gaining a magmatic pseudopod. I was immediately set on fire and hurried into a river of primordial soup, where I instantly cooled into a block of shale and died. Since I was on Roleplay mode, I wound up back at an empty Kyakukya. I repeated the process and gained all the weep-related fluids I could before collecting lava again and becoming shale after simply putting myself out on the floor. I made a third annoying pilgrimage to the Rainbow Wood and collected everything *but* lava, then decided my next target would be Sunslag from the Palladium Reef.

I tried to find the Hydropon since I remember seeing Sunslag there in my previous run, but unfortunately found out its location is randomly generated and I hadn't met any Slynth earlier on this run. After plucking polyps from palladium struts in the middle of nowhere for a few zones, I finally collected a swollen bulb and emptied a dram of sunslag onto myself, let it drip off of my body, and then walked on top of it to gain a radiant pseudopod and another upgrade.

The next step on my journey was Golgotha to collect sludge, ooze, and goo for three more upgrades. Getting there was tedious but relatively easy (I'll skip the part where I found a recoiler that teleported me to the far side of the Deathlands, which was extremely annoying as I had no other recoilers), and I reacted with the three fluids I needed before digging out of the place. I was strong enough to destroy shale in 1-2 attacks, so no need for a pickaxe. I now had the vast majority of fluids under my belt and had just five more on my list: Convalessence, Cloning Draught, Neutron Flux, and finally I had to somehow figure out Lava. My next step was logically Bethesda Susa for Convalessence and Cloning Draught, which I wondered how exactly I was going to absorb considering its properties.

When I got to Bethesda Susa, I realized something: inside the bottom of its abandoned ward was the holy grail of fluids: The Alchemist! He had every fluid in Qud at his disposal, which meant he would be my final destination if I played my cards right. My next obstacle was the three trolls guarding the floors below. I killed the first one with ease but then challenged myself on the second floor to break down the silver key door without bothering with the second troll. My algal pseudopod came in handy as my attacks against the door summoned plants with the same idea as me, including Feral Lah which summoned tumbling pods to assault the door and surrounding walls. The explosive damage came in handy in doing most of the digging work for me when even my many pseudopods were weak against the door and surrounding marble walls. After enough rounds of attacking the door to summon pods and running away, the door gave way and I dealt with the third troll the usual way.

With the last boss between me and greatness out of the way, I made my way to the Alchemist and was painfully reminded that I wouldn't be able to afford his most liquids, which costed over 26000 drams for a vial of 1 dram. Without any hope of grinding to afford them, I killed the alchemist in one hit (thank goodness, I only learned afterward on the wiki about his kamikaze attack) and realized my journey was about to be complete. I started with Brain Brine, pouring one dram on the ground, and...

Fuck, it evaporated. Okay, next stop will be the Tomb of the Eaters to get some.

Okay, Neutron Flux next. Oh, I know, I'll pour it on this puddle of wine I made. Perfect, it didn't evaporate, now I just...

Oh, so that's how you get the Starry Demise achievement.

In my incredible hubris, I consumed a liquid that was too powerful even for my level 69 character. After taking 357 damage twice by being crushed under the weight of a thousand suns, I decided to retire my run there and leave it as an Icarus-esque fable. I did start to wonder, though, after deleting my character, if maybe there was a way to gain its power. Perhaps lava could be harnessed if I froze myself with a freeze grenade instead of cooling naturally, and I could use that vial of Brain Brine if I poured it on myself or another puddle first... but I wouldn't know where to begin with Neutron Flux. That is a puzzle I will leave to you if you have any ideas.

All I know now is a few more ways to kill sludges than I did before, which makes me happy. Maybe I'll stick to trying to raise my reputation with oozes before I go to the Rainbow Wood as a human, though. If you actually made it this far, I hope it wasn't too much of a bore. I don't write very often, but I really wanted to share this run. It is a bit anticlimactic that you can just get every fluid at the Alchemist, but because I didn't know that at first, my wet, sloppy adventure took me all across Qud before its poetic conclusion. If you have any ideas about reacting with *every* fluid in Qud and somehow surviving and you want to try the challenge of doing so, be my guest, but I doubt it's possible. DO tell me if you actually manage to do it, though.
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2021.12.01 21:33 AlmondChic Is there inconsistencies between whether Rogelio knew about Jane or not?

Maybe I'm missing something but it feels like the show said that Rogelio knew about Jane and told Xo to get an abortion. That was the whole reason his mom didn't like Xo and its as revealed as a lie. So why isn't that Rogelio is still blaming Xo for not telling him about Jane? I'm so confused.
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2021.12.01 21:33 North_Ad9166 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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2021.12.01 21:33 Arb-Games تحميل لعبة Halo Infinite للكمبيوتر أون لاين برابط مباشر

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2021.12.01 21:33 Jah8787 Just My Opinion

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2021.12.01 21:33 EestiMentioned [/r/BalticStates] Is it just me? Or is this gearing up to be the coldest and most snowy winter ever!

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2021.12.01 21:33 itsdorothyzbornak Advice on Tret moving forward

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2021.12.01 21:33 Large-Way-497 Dad, I am too ugly to ever date anyone and I'm sure I'll die alone.

I have been told I am only a seven out of ten in looks. I have straight hair with a part down the middle and apparently need bangs. I'm a B cup, have no ass, and am skinny. I can eat all the junk food in the world without gaining a single pound and actually spent the first few years of my life being underweight :)
I've been told I have nice eyes, but I don't know how to wear makeup and I tend to wear ugly clothes (a hoodie and jeans typically).
My skin is typically clear though I have a few pimples from time to time.
I don't have many hobbies except writing and swimming. I am not athletic and I am not an outdoors person. I am decently intelligent but am not good at physics, biology, or history. However, I have my early career goals (first 1-3 years out of school) set in stone.
I tend to be more introverted at first and I am NOT going to change to become more outgoing and flirty.
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2021.12.01 21:33 jacob_john_white Best/Coolest 3D Printed Pens? Anybody out there own one of these

I have been thinking about getting a 3D printed pen and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions?
Who are the top players in the 3D fountain pen game? I know of Shakour (love his designs) but wanted to see if anybody knew anybody doing this that isn’t as well known.
Quality is important. Good nibs etc. the printing material is cool to know too, if you happen to.
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