Think I'm stupid? Guess you don't need my help then...

2022.01.26 02:12 Delicious-One3028 Think I'm stupid? Guess you don't need my help then...

Hey guys, first time posting on here since I now have my own petty revenge story. So this happened only a week ago but ofc I'll have to go into the context first. 3 months ago when uni started, I met this guy who was in my class and at first he seemed really nice, smart and one of those no-nonsense type of guys which is just what I like in a friend.
But gradually, the facade begins to come off and I see how much of an asshole he is. He constantly made me feel like I was stupid. As if I was an idiot who had the privilege of being spoken to by him. To name a few things that happened: when I was in his car and I commented on his car and how he should park it he told me that I was 'smarter than I look'... Probably one of the worst backhanded compliments imo. He said this to me on more than one occasion but my dumbass took that as a compliment🤦‍♀️ Then he asked me to work with him on this assignment that we were given and his arrogant ass texted me 'I better get a first' implying that if I'm to help him I have to get him a first??? I didn't like this behaviour so I just ignored him. He wasn't just arrogant and acted entitled to me, we had a groupchat with the rest of the class where at one point he texted 'If anyone has the answers to question X, now would be a good time to share' which I took in an arrogant and entitled way.
Then came the day some bitch was talking down to me in class because I didn't react during my TMS experiment (it was a cognitive neuroscience class) and I obvs fought back and instead of backing me up like a friend, this guy just gave her more material to talk down on me! He later told me that he thought she was obnoxious and I wanted to tell him 'then why did you make things worse back there?' but I kept it to myself. The very last straw came when we were at Costa and we had to order. He recommended this chocolate muffin so I told the barista that I wanted the chocolate cake (I didn't think to call it a muffin because it looked too big to be called one) and she ends up giving me a slice of carrot cake. This is when I'm like 'No, I wanted THAT chocolate cake' and I point at which one I was referring to. She then goes 'Oh that's not a cake, that's a muffin' (as if it makes a difference) and he's by my side and starts laughing and goes 'I apologise for her, she doesn't know the difference between a cake and a muffin!'
At this point I'm seething with both anger and embarrassment, we talked until I finished my 'muffin' and I got up to go, vowing to never speak to him or go out with him again. PSA: Even if you do have a friend or someone you know who isn't very bright, it is NOT your job to make them feel like they are because that's asshole behaviour. Since then, everytime he texted me, I gave him the deadest replies. Until I got tired of his messages and asked my bf for advice where he told me I should block him, so I did.
Fast forward a week ago, he needs help for the last assignment for the class which he had gotten an extension on and I had already done for the original deadline. I assume he reached out to me but because he was blocked, none of his messages would go through. On the groupchat, a few other people were stuck on the last assignment and I tried my best to help them, except for him ofc. At one point in the chat, he must've picked up that I was replying to everyone's queries except for his so he directs his 'help me' messages at me in the groupchat and I ignore them while still continuing to help the other girls. I'm not sure if anyone ended up helping him but I'm certainly glad I didn't. Fuck you, that's what you get for embarrassing me and making me feel an idiot.
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2022.01.26 02:12 pies_fly Presidential Civil War! - November 2026 - Post-Election Chaos (Pacific States)

Presidential Civil War! - November 2026 - Post-Election Chaos (Pacific States) The Ohio Horde decides to continue its rampage throughout Canada, making the carnage in Ontario even more unbearable. They slowly but surely begin to march towards the Canadian capitol of Ottawa. President Roosevelt announces that the Empire will join the coalition against Canada, further pummeling Canadian cities. In desperation for troops to defend their cities, Prime Minister Trudeau announces a full withdrawal from Alaska. This doesn't mean too much, as Alaska was essentially about to fall. This does allow the Hawaiian Kingdom to capture and annex the state of Alaska, giving them territory on the continent of North America.
Delaware begins to rapidly increase its 5G towers in the United Kingdom under the guise of a UN Communications Program. Their general goal was to disunite the United Kingdom and elect a government sympathetic to Delaware's cause in what would become England (the presumptive holder of a dissolved UK's permanent Security Council seat). This is done by beaming messages to vote for the Scottish National Party. Their technologies are still in need of refinement, as several people in Cornwall became Scottish nationalists despite not actually being Scottish. President Biden's pick of Prime Minister is none other than Count Binface (formerly Lord Buckethead) of the Official Monster Raving Looney Party, running on a platform of abolishing British people, again likely due to the 5G influence.
The Official Monster Raving Looney Party wins in a landslide in England, forming a coalition with the growing Pirate Party. Scotland officially gains independence, dragging alongside Cornwall, now fully converted into a Scottish town through a misapplication of 5G towers. England rejoins the European Union. Foreign Minister Mad Cap'n Tom Scott is sent to the UN Security Council to announce the ascension of Delaware into the United Nations.
I am at the UN Security Council. (
A tornado outbreak in Tennessee further scrambles their forces. Georgian relief efforts to the victims are able to repair most of the damage. It seems that the Tennessee-Georgia cooperation is working out rather well.
Due to not being controlled by the Delawareans, the Green Mountain Boys strike unexpectedly. They blow up the Boston Harbor in what is known as the Boston TNT Party. With the port destroyed and the harbor filled with mines, shipping traffic is redirected to other cities, though most traders appear unwilling to go to New England for fear of another bombing. The Green Mountain Boys manage to slip away unharmed, ready to continue their quest for the reinstatement of President Pierce.
By this time, election day has concluded in most states.
There are some fairly expected results. Presidents Clinton, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson have all beaten their challengers for re-election. President Jimmy Carter of Georgia barely wins re-election against self-proclaimed God-Emperor Jeb Bush. President James K. Polk firmly defeats Andrew Johnson, but not by a wide enough margin to justify sending Jackson to purge Johnson from the lands of Tennessee. President Roosevelt wins re-election rather easily in the Empire, but Donald Trump's 3rd party campaign under the Reform Party is quite successful as he secures second place (though still claiming that he won). There are still some changes in government. Richard Nixon defeats President Reagan for re-election, while Walter Mondale, despite not being Gerald Ford, defeats the President of the Great Lakes Union. They will assume office in January 2027, as Reagan and Ford enter their lame duck period of time. Finally, in the Ohio Horde, a literal chocolate Ă©clair (closely) beats Garfield and McKinley. During its acceptance speech, the Ă©clair assassinates both of its opponents using an AK-47 conveniently placed at its podium and officially abolishes democracy in the Ohio Horde. A government purge eliminates all opposition. The Horde quakes under its new supreme leader.
In the Pacific States, President Reagan has lost an election. It is quite unfortunate for him, but he still has the potential to do something during his lame duck months. The question of Mexico continues to be an issue. President Reagan has opted for a destabilization program, one that involves sponsoring revolutions within Mexico to distract the Mexican government. These movements, however are woefully underfunded and are unlikely to cause significant damage without assistance. The military of the Pacific States can't provide the money directly, despite the comical amount that Reagan has already poured into it. Nobody could blame him for pursuing some more unorthodox methods of funding...right? An arms deal can therefore be utilized to secure this funding, but the question is who the Pacific States should deal with.
The Green Mountain Boys have recently been brought back to the forefront of attention after blowing up the Boston Harbor in the Boston TNT Party. Selling weapons to them would allow them to continue to sow chaos, which might potentially spill over to Mexico itself. However, they will only be able to provide a small amount of funds.
The KKK, under the leadership of Grand Wizard Woodrow Wilson, has proved to be a significant annoyance in Pennsylvania. The Union armies will likely deal with him in time, but not if an arms sale had anything to say about it. Arming the KKK would greatly hinder Union advancement in Pennsylvania, leaving them vulnerable to attack. The KKK would provide a moderate amount of funding for anti-Mexico militias, but the PSA would not be advantaged by much else.
The Ohio Horde, which has recently abolished democracy, would definitely appreciate more weapons. The Horde aristocracy have a lot of money from the pillaging of Indiana and tax evasion, so selling weapons to the Ohio Horde would give the PSA a significant amount of money to work with. Empowering one of the most destructive forces in the nation may not be the wisest decision though, even if it is still relatively far away geographically.
The terrorist state of Canada is currently being pummeled by a coalition of American states, which now includes all Canadian bordering states except for the PSA and New England. They are in desperation as the Ohio Horde slowly destroys it's way to Ottawa, making Prime Minister Trudeau rather desperate. Since Canada is an actual sovereign nation, an arms deal would lead to a very significant amount of money. However, Canada has demonstrated itself to be perfectly willing to encroach on American territory, and hindering the effort to put a stop to the Canadians once and for all might not be the best for the PSA, as it might have to fight for independent states like Idaho and Utah against the forces of Canada.
Who should the Pacific government sell to?
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2022.01.26 02:12 MustardTiger88 CZ 527 (7.62x39) question

I see some CZ 527's with what appears to be a completely hooded front sight and others with a more open hooded front sight. Can someone explain why there is difference? I'm assuming early production vs. late production? Thanks.
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2022.01.26 02:12 Boudonjou I've fully built my optimal rank deck and have 6000 gems to spend.

What deck do y'all think I should build for fun? Here's my thoughts but add your own if you want.
1.winged dragon of ra deck 2. Some sort of otk exodia deck(try to at least) 3.pyramid of light theme deck 4.gravekeeper deck (xyz backed) 5.battlin boxer deck ( you know it's fun, don't lie) 6. Try to build a divine monster theme deck.
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2022.01.26 02:12 FrostKnight96 One Destroys Enemies, The Other Destroys Pussies

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2022.01.26 02:12 ShinobuOshi Âżse puede iniciar un videojuego que cerro hace un tiempo?

Hola, soy nuevo en este grupo, se que tal vez no tenga mucho que ver, pero primero los quiero poner en contexto para que entiendan para que acudí a un grupo de programación, hace unos meses cerraron los servers de un videojuego exactamente (DEFIANCE que ya tenia 2 versiones una llamándose simplemente Defiance y otra Defiance2050) el primer y mejor juego de los dos fue el Defiance normal también lo llamaban Defiance clasico, posteriormente luego del cierre un chico bastante bueno anuncio un proyecto de revivir el juego o relanzarlo, ya saben como ha pasado con muchos juegos, como Cod, Bf, entre otros, lo que ocurre es que el desarrollo de el chico solo se centra en el Defiance2050 y prácticamente lo esta reconstruyendo desde 0 obviamente usando los archivos nativos del juego, entre este desarrollo el creo un archivo (.BAT) que logra iniciar el juego(tanto Def 2050 como el clásico), pero lógicamente (como ya no esta enlazado a un launcher o un server por a si decirlo) sale que los servidores no están disponibles y es aquí donde sale la verdadera pregunta ¿hay alguna forma de hacer que el juego funcione (como un host local u offline) con este archivo .BAT que logra arrancar el juego, creando algún tipo de launcher y servidor local, sin la necesidad de reconstruir el juego desde 0 (ya que el proyecto mencionado anteriormente solo se esta centrando en el Defiance2050 que es muy distinto al clasico y por lo que se ha visto hasta el chico tiene que usar los modelos 3d y agregarle de nuevo texturas y todo eso)? he de decir que no se de programación y es por eso que también acudí a este grupo
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2022.01.26 02:12 An_Edgy_Wraith The average great British plan

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2022.01.26 02:12 mryoloo Opiniones de la ley de seguridad al ciudadano?

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2022.01.26 02:12 Diya888 Nice project Block

Block is a very perspective project. now you have a great opportunity to join. Do not miss the chance to become a part of the great and successful team.
BlockX #digitalassets #finance #BCX #blockchain
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2022.01.26 02:12 andrewcraazy Wanna learn how to beam

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2022.01.26 02:12 NoSandbox Moving Google Contacts and Calendar to NextCloud

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2022.01.26 02:12 TheRealDSN1 Cursed_source

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2022.01.26 02:12 RacerKaiser Was there a lunar new year event last year?

If I google it 2020 turns up.
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2022.01.26 02:12 Ragnr99 What more could you need

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2022.01.26 02:12 Kitchen_Falcon2934 New Mountain Alert! Rose MTN.

Hey fellow shredders. Long story short, I found out about this game a bit over a year ago and I thinks it's now time I share the mountain I've been working on part time these past few months. In the search menu type: Rose The name is Rose MTN. Follow the wooden arrow and eventually you'll end up on the resort. There's a bunch of snowpark and hidden features. Tried my best do to something I hope everyone can enjoy and I tried to stay true to snowboarding. Thanks to neptune for the inspiration with all is creative mountains.
Leave some comments and if you ever have some video, hope I can see other riders shred those slopes
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2022.01.26 02:12 ann55c How long do the headaches from withdrawals last? I’ve been off 25mg for two weeks today.

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2022.01.26 02:12 NoSandbox In defense of complicated programming languages

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2022.01.26 02:12 Terrorvision67 I am no longer welcome in their building.

So, I go to Heinz field to the ticket office asking if they had some Steelers championship game playoff tickets in Kansas City and this guy tells me sorry, they were knocked out of the playoffs and there is none, so I leave the ticket office.
Next day, I walk in asking if they had some Steelers championship game playoff tickets in Kansas City and this guy tells me sorry, they were knocked out of the playoffs and there is none, so I leave the ticket office.
3rd day I walk in asking if they had some Steelers championship game playoff tickets in Kansas City and this guy is starting to get a bit pissed, tells me look Buddy.... I told you they were knocked out of the playoffs and there is none.
I said I know. I am a Bengals fan and I just love hearing someone in this building tell me that.
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2022.01.26 02:12 emadboctor How Dale Carnegie is mentioning the 70s while he died in the 50s?

In how to gain friends and influence people, I'll quote from chapter2:
You see, from that time on he developed his gift of hearing and went on to become, under the stage name of Stevie Wonder, one of the great pop singers and songwriters of the seventies. So how this found its way to the book while according to wikipedia, Dale Carnegie died in 1955?
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2022.01.26 02:12 BigGretch313 Xbox gang?

Anyone tryna squad up on BF4 Xbox one? Lol fr tho!!
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2022.01.26 02:12 stars2001 Is there any way to remove all these scratches?

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2022.01.26 02:12 Alex_iwanski woman, me, photography, 2022

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2022.01.26 02:12 Blueberryfush I know this isn’t ksi related but I need a reality check and which better fanbase to do that than the most savagery one I know , so roast me .

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2022.01.26 02:12 _kiminara /VoiceWork Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.26 02:12 9thlifecat crafting cards can turn into Holographic Rare

I crafted a UR card and it turned into a Holographic Rare ( Herald of Ultimateness), anyone know what the chances of this is? .Would it be worth to example craft my normal and rare cards over and over to get more of them? seeing as we are left with 1000's of those vials with noting to do with them.
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